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Friends Only

So Sad

 Jessie (brother's fiancee)  has been calling off and on for a couple days.  I hadn't been answering the phone for two reasons.

A.  I assumed she was calling to talk to my mother.

B.  I can never get her off the phone.

Today however, she left a message that she wanted me to call her back.  I didn't want to, but because it could have been about Adam, I returned her call.  It was not about Adam.  A week ago Monday she adopted a little hound mix puppy from the shelter.  She was calling me because he had become lethargic and had diarrhea.  She said she called the shelter and was told that if she brought him in all they could do was monitor him and that if it was parvo or something else serious he would be euthanized.  She said afterwards she called every vet in Lexington and they were all either in surgery or completely booked and wouldn't see him.  I found that a little hard to believe since Lexington is not a small place and has lots of vets, but didn't question her.

She had planned to take him to the shelter at 4 to have him euthanized.  I told her she could at least try and see if he would improve at all by giving him Pedialyte via syringe.  She called me back a little after three and told me she went outside and he was twitching,  but unresponsive.  She said she called the shelter and that while she was on the phone with them, the puppy died.  

I feel bad for her and am very sorry that the poor puppy died, but it bothers me that now she and her mother are saying it is the shelter's fault and expect a refund.  The paperwork she signed clearly states that the shelter is not responsible for the physical condition of the put upon adoption.  So I feel a rational person would just drop it, yes be upset about the death of the puppy, but not the financial aspect of it and feel good about the fact that the $70 she spent will go toward helping another pet in need.   



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